• 17 Feb 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • PSATS: 4855 Woodland Drive, Enola, PA 17025

    Session 1: Problems You Should Talk to Your Financial Advisor About
    Melissa Hughes, Senior Managing Consultant with PFM
    Ben Kapenstein, Senior Managing Consultant with PFM

    About this Session: 

    This presentation will help appointed officials from Boroughs, Townships, Cities and Authorities to think through various challenges and potential solutions related to debt and capital projects. Specifically, this session will focus on the types of questions and challenges you should be discussing with your Financial Advisor in order for your FA to give you the best, most creative (but legal) financial advice.

    Session 2: Investing for Local Governments in 2022
    Matt Conlin, Senior Managing Consultant with PFM Asset Management

    About this Session: 

    For almost two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the investment landscape for local governments. This session will review current market conditions and provide tips for effectively managing your organization's cash and investments. We will review ways to seek to optimize your cash flow utilizing investments available to you and reviewing the codes that permit them, as well as various cash management and electronic transaction services that may save time and money, including the benefits of implementing a procurement card program.

    Please contact Ellie See with any questions at Ellie@gfoapa.org.